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Send Stress-Free Crypto Payments With Ndani

When you need to send crypto, do it safely. Start using Ndani and send your first payment today. Click the button below to get started or scroll down to learn more.





Enjoy peace of mind when you use Ndani to send crypto. To get started, all you have to do is connect your Metamask wallet. With Ndani, you will be required to enter the recipient's contact information, adding an extra layer of security to any transaction.


If anything goes wrong, Ndani allows you to cancel the payment any time before the recipient accepts the transaction. No need to email us or be on hold for hours, easily cancel any transaction with the click of a button. 




With Ndani's unprecedented safety features, you can now send crypto easily and with complete peace of mind. Our application is secure and offers state-of-the-art user information encryption so you never need to worry about your information getting out. Start using Ndani today!

  • Who is Ndani for?
    Ndani was made for anyone who wants to send secure, stress-free crypto payments. All you need is a wallet.
  • How does Ndani Work?
    Ndani makes cryptocurrency transactions between two people simpler simpler and safer. If you've ever been concerned about sending cryptocurrency to the wrong address, this is where Ndani comes in. Rather than sending your cryptocurrency directly to another wallet and risking losing your crypto forever if there's a typo or incorrect address, send it to Ndani, where we'll manage the transaction between you and the recieving party. Once you send the transaction, you and the recipient will be notified by email and/or text of the new transaction as well as given a secret passcode that can be used to cancel, accept, or reject the transaction. When the transaction is completed by one of the transacting parties, the cryptocurrency will be released to the correct person. Don't worry, if you made a mistake and sent it to the wrong person, you can always quickly cancel the transaction if it hasn't been accepted yet.
  • How much does Ndani cost to use?
    All blockchain transactions charge a small "gas fee", which is used to power the blockchain and reward node providers. On top of this, Ndani charges a small convenience fee that goes towards maintenance and growth of the Ndani Ecosystem. This fee is $0.01 and will only be added when you send a new transaction through Ndani.
  • Is Ndani Secure?
    Yes! Ndani uses industry best practice security standards to keep your information and cryptocurrency safe. We never store your information off chain, and private data is encrypted before transfer.
  • Does Ndani store my personal information?
    Ndani does not store your personal information on private servers. All transaction data is encrypted and stored on-chain and decrypted when used.




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