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Accept or Reject a Transaction

With Ndani

incoming transaction.png

Did you receive a transaction by email or text? Find the transaction specified in the message in order to accept the currency in the transaction or reject it and send the currency back to the sender.

accept payment modal.png

When you click the accept button on the desired transaction, you will receive a popup asking for a confirmation code. Enter the code belonging to the transaction that you received through text or email and press the accept payment button. The code is the same for accepting or rejecting.

send confirmation.png

Once you click the accept or reject button with the correct confirmation code, you should see another metamask request popup. Accept this confirmation and wait for the transaction to complete. You can always check your transaction's status in metamask.

accepted transaction.png

Once the transaction is complete, your transaction should look like this. If you accepted the transaction the arrow will be green, if you rejected the transaction, the arrow will be red.

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