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Getting Started

With Ndani

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Welcome to Send Ndani! If this is your first time using a blockchain dapp, or even just your first time using our dapp, please follow these instructions to send, accept, reject and cancel a safe and secure cryptocurrency transaction.

connect network button.png

First, if you have not yet connected to the binance smartchain testnet, you will need to do so. Ndani helps metamask do this for you if you click the white "connect to binance smartchain testnet button" in the top right corner of the screen. If you don't see a prompt, click the metamask extension in your browser.

connect wallet button.png

Once you've done this, your button should look like this. Now, you are on the correct network and can connect your wallet to the Send Ndani dapp.


If you've completed the previous step, or you've interacted with our dapp before, your wallet button should show your public key. Don't worry, this is completely safe.

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