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Send Your First Transaction

With Ndani

send component.png

Now that you've successfully connected your wallet to the correct network and our dapp, you're ready to start sending transactions. Head on over to the send money widget to get started. If you're here because you've recieved cryptocurrency from someone else, please go to the accept / reject instructions. 

recipient information.png

First, you'll want to fill out the information of the recipient you're sending cryptocurrency to. Only their wallet address is required. You'll need to enter either their phone or email address to notify them and complete the transaction. A nickname is available if you'd like to label your transactions for later use.

sender information.png

Next, you'll fill in your information. We handle your wallet address for you, so don't worry about that, but make sure to fill in either your phone number or email address so we can send you your confirmation code.

currency information.png

Then, you'll fill out the currency information. You'll need to select a currency to send from our growing list of supported currencies, as well as the amount of currency you would like to spend. You can use several decimal points if necessary.

terms and conditions and fee.png

Once you've filled out the information above, you'll be asked to accept our terms and conditions, as well as a small fee that goes toward the maintenance of our service as well as features and projects that will benefit the Ndani community.

approve transfer.png

If all of the transaction information is correct, and you've accepted the fee and terms, you'll be able to approve your transfer. This authorizes the send ndani smart contract to transfer cryptocurrency on your behalf.

approval 1.png

You will be asked to make two approvals in quick succession before moving foward. Once to set your allowance to zero, and a second to set it to the amount you are trying to spend. This is to prevent a potential double spending vulnerability. More information can be found in our FAQ. If you don't see the second approval pop up after a few seconds, check your pending transactions in the metamask extension in your browser.

send now.png

After the second approval is complete, you're ready to send your cryptocurrency transaction. Click the send button and final confirmation should appear. Accept this confirmation and your cryptocurrency and fee will be sent to the send ndani smart contract.

send reciept .png

When your transaction is complete, you will recieve a popup with your transaction id and the confirmation code for that transaction. Write this information down because you will only get the popup once. Secondary confirmation will be sent to any phone numbers or email addresses entered into the send form. Congratulations! You just sent cryptocurrency with Send Ndani! Check out our other tutorials for cancellation of sent transactions, accepting or rejecting incoming transactions.

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